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About Jayne

Jayne Argentina was born and raised in Ottawa, ON, and is proud to bring you!

Jayne is an award-winning cake artist, and has been baking and decorating for over 15 years.  Jayne's accomplishments include the Ottawa Platinum Wedding Award for Best Wedding Cake in 2018, and a team win on Food Network Canada's competition television series, The Big Bake, in 2019.


Hi there! I'm Jayne Argentina. 

I have been baking all the way back to my childhood. I learned as a child from my mom, who made “the best pies in the family". I baked to relieve stress, to make others smile, and above all - to eat something delicious!


I studied in university and earned a degree in Environmental Engineering.  After the birth of my first child, I decided to pursue my passion for baking professionally, and today I am proud to be an established cake artist in Ottawa.


I enjoy creating through baking, and I truly believe that any dessert should not only look beautiful – it should also taste wonderful. 


I am proud to offer real, fresh, made-from-scratch cakes, cupcakes, sugar cookies, French macarons, and cake pops from my kitchen, to you!

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